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Our Society is run out of the E.N. Jenckes Store Museum. Located at the corner of Main st and Depot street, it was the general store of the community, carrying dry goods, clothing, feed, meats and grains. It’s not hard to imagine the conversations that took place once standing inside the Jenckes. In a wonderful twist of fate, it still hosts great conversations and parties, also home to our local Farmer’s Market.

The Building and it’s entire contents were donated by the Jenckes sisters, Mialma & Helen in 1972. They wanted to preserve the memory of their father. Many still have memories of the sisters strolling around town. They are buried in the private Evergreen cemetery on West street in Douglas.

Many of the belongings of both the sisters and the Jenckes family remain within the building. In 2018, we have high hopes of finally making sense of all the belongings, and finding a way to display them. Our current status is that the building itself needs great attention, as it is also an artifact of the 1900’s. We’ve added a new electrical box and looking at the spring thaw to repair one of the newel posts on the front porch and add the gutters and repair the interior ceiling the water has damaged.

We are open when the weather warms. Generally May-October. Tours etc. are also scheduled at this time. Because of the current state of the porch, tours may be delayed in 2018, please inquire.

We can always be reached at

We greatly appreciate your patronage, and your loyal support of the society–
The Douglas Historical Society

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